Terms And Conditions


  1. A deposit and rent amount, as indicated by the company from time to time, is payable per cylinder on all cylinders held by way of rent by the customer.
  2. No claim for shortage of gas shall be entertained after delivery to the customer.
  3. Customers are duty bound and obliged to take good care of the company’s cylinders throughout the period during which such cylinders are rented to them and are held responsible for them until such cylinders are returned to the company in good order and condition. Any damage to the cylinders and/or to the valve/valve cap and/or regulator or any other part thereof, as the case may be, will be imputable to the customer who shall be responsible for such damage and invoiced accordingly. Any lost and/or unreturned cylinders, shall be automatically considered as ordered and purchased by the customer and a charge according to the Multigas pricelist effective at the time will be invoiced to the customer, such sum being accepted as certain, liquid and due by the customer.
  4. Annual rents are payable in advance. If the customer defaults in the payment of any arrears of any rents or other dues, should there be any, after being called upon to do so by the company – a simple written request being deemed as good and sufficient notification – the company shall be entitled to either i) retrieve possession forthwith of the cylinders belonging to it, in whatever condition the cylinders may be in and/or ii) invoice the customer for the cost of each cylinder as set out by the terms and conditions in clause 3 above. It is hereby being expressly agreed by the customer that in such an eventuality, a penalty equivalent to the outstanding balance of the amount due by way of rent, shall be immediately due by the customer to the company for such delay and/or failure to return such cylinder/cylinders to the company. When cylinders are recalled by the company under this clause, the company shall not be liable to pay for any gas still contained in the repossessed cylinders.
  5. All responsibility is disclaimed for any accident due to negligence, inappropriate storage or exposure or mishandling of any cylinder or their contents by any customer or their agents while the cylinder/s is/are under their sphere of control and therefore, after the cylinder/s have been withdrawn from the Company’s premises. It is therefore imperative for customers to be fully conversant with all rules and regulations governing the proper use of such rented products, apparatus and equipment, including cylinders rented by the company and acceptance of this document is tantamount to a declaration by the customer that such customer is fully aware of such rules and regulations and capable of making safe and proper use of the same.
  6. Any transfer of company cylinders to third parties is expressly prohibited unless so agreed to by the company in writing. Any unauthorised sale shall be null and void with respect to third parties and shall automatically give rise to the penalty and conditions detailed in clause 4 above.
  7. Mainly for, but not limited to safety and health reasons, the customer shall only fill/refill company rented cylinders by him/her, at the premises of the company or at any other premised indicated, or as authorised in writing by the company. Failure to comply with this obligation and breach of such prohibition shall give rise to the immediate right of the company to take possession of the cylinders forthwith, including the contents thereof and this without the obligation on the part of the company to refund any sum to be customer.
  8. In addition to the above, the company shall not be held responsible or answerable for any items such as, but not limited to – cylinders, regulators, welding sets etc – being property of the customer, left at the company for servicing, repairs, refilling or testing, and which are not collected within 3 months from date of deposit.

The Company is a member (‘Member’) of the Malta Association of Credit Management (‘MACM’). The Member shall process Personal Data found herein according to applicable legislation, particularly, the Regulation [EU] 2016/679 (‘GDPR’) as well as the Data Protection Act, amongst others.
If the Customer is in default of this agreement, the Member has the right to pass on any information contained herein to MACM as well as to any legally entitled third party.
Where such a disclosure is carried out, MACM, as a Credit Referencing Agency, shall be deemed to be a Data Controller of the personal data it processes within its systems, in pursuance of its legitimate interests, such as promoting responsible lending, amongst others. For more info please visit https://www.macm.org.mt/dataprotection . Data Protection queries concerning MACM may be referred to its Data Protection Officer at dataprotectionofficer@macm.org.mt.

In case of any default or non-fulfillment of obligations by the customer of any of the Terms & Conditions of this agreement, the company reserves the right to pass on any information or references contained herein to any third party legally entitled to receive such information.