Multigas operates in the healthcare sector through the production and importation of medicinal gases and other ancillary services such as the dispensing of Medicinal gases through its licensed Dispensary. Multigas produces Medicinal Oxygen, GMP Nitrogen and Medicinal Air. In its portfolio, it also has a number of Malta registered BOC products like Nitrous Oxide, and Entonox in order to supply the local Clinics and Hospitals.

Multigas was one of the first manufacturers in Malta to obtain a Marketing Authorisation for a product produced In Malta.

The Medicines Act details the requirements for the Medicines Authority to authorise the manufacture and supply of medicinal products in Malta.  This requires that all manufacturers of medicinal products should hold a Manufacturer’s Licence and conduct the manufacturing and assembly operations for all medicinal products to ensure that they conform with Good Manufacturing Practice and with the standards of strength, quality and purity applicable to them under their relevant Marketing Authorisation.