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Our Profile

Multigas serves customers in the industrial and healthcare sectors with a complete range of atmospheric and special gases, complimented with related equipment and services.

Multigas operates from its facilities in Malta, an island in the Mediterranean that forms part of the European Union. The Kirkop site is located near the island's international airport and boasts among other things a state-of-the-art air separation plant, a cylinder filling depot and a retail outlet for tools and equipment.


Our Vision

Building on experience and a strong reputation dating back to 1926, our team of dedicated employees strives to provide the highest level of commitment to our customers. Previously known as L.Farrugia and Sons, Multigas embraces a clear vision: To represent for our customers the preferred partner for all their industrial and medical gas requirements.


Corporate Responsibility

Merged into our business goals are our values and principles. At Multigas we practice an integrated approach that respects our shareholders, business partners, employees and the environment. In developing business ventures we seek customer value in harmony with ecological and social sustainability. We promote health and safety in all areas of operation.


Our Business

Industrial and Medical Gases
These activities involve two companies: Multigas Limited, which handles industrial and medical gas production and Multigas Sales Limited, which is responsible for traded products. Gas is distributed by pipeline, in road tankers, in cylinders and specialised vessels. A close and long-standing collaboration exists with strategic international partners.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Liquigas Malta Ltd is a joint venture between Multigas Limited and Liquigas S.p.A., Italy's leading distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Liquigas is at the forefront of strategic sectors such as technological development and environmental protection, and forms part of SHV Holdings of the Netherlands, a global leader in the LPG sector.


Ethics and Compliance

At Multigas we endorse integrity, honesty and fairness. Our guiding principles oblige compliance with legal regulations and promote exemplary moral conduct.


Company History

  • L.Farrugia and Sons was established in 1892 and the Farrugia family owned flour mills in Hamrun, which were destroyed during the 1919 protests, later referred to as the Sette Giugnio Riots
  • L.Farrugia and Sons entered the industrial gases business in 1926, when a small carbon dioxide manufacturing plant was acquired from Schutz Engineering in Germany
  • Two years later, the company, which had become commonly known as Farsons, set up its own brewery
  • Farsons was eventually amalgamated with Simonds to form Simonds Farsons  in 1929
  • Part of the Hamrun site was destroyed during the World War ll blitz but rebuilt within one year
  • In the post war period L.Farrugia and Sons bought two gas plants -an Oxygen/Nitrogen and Acetelyne plant from SIAD of Italy
  • The company also commissioned a liquid Carbon Dioxide plant manufactured by Demarkus Corporation, an American Firm
  • A larger Oxygen plant was imported in 1958 from Air Products, in the UK,  in order to further increase production
  • A new Acetylene plant was imported from Messer Griesheim in Germany in 1968 and commissioned in 1972 on a new site in Marsa
  • By this time, the company had started hydrogen production and was also supplying medicinal gases
  • During the next two decades, the company invested in its largest plant yet, a liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen plant from Cryoplants UK (BOC)
  • Multigas was formed in 1986 to take on the gas and related business from L.Farrugia and Sons
  • The next vital step saw the opening in 2002 of a new primary site in Kirkop accompanied by a fundamental investment in a new air separation unit and the closure of the Hamrun site
  • In 2019, the company built and commissioned a new secondary site in HalFar, equipped with the latest safety and environmental systems for the handling and storage of industrial and medical gases

A number of relevant milestones were set in the area of regulation and certification and maintained to-date: 

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in 1994, currently certified to ISO9001:2015;

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in 2000; 

Marketing Authorisation for Medical Oxygen in 2005; 

TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive) in 2007; 

OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services) in 2008; 

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in 2010 and FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification) in 2013; 

ISO14001 certified environmental management system in 2018.


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